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2009 Sessions

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Here is a partial list of the sessions for TechCamp 2009...more on the way!



Communicating through Technology 101:  Blogging, Facebooking, and Twittering for Beginners

Finding it difficult to keep up with all the new forms of communicating?  Using free resources such as Edublogs, we will look at blogging options for creating and maintaining classroom web pages. Customizable with themes and widgets, you will have a professional looking blog in no time- FOR  FREE!  Want to know more about Facebook or Twitter?  We will look into new ways of communicating with students, parents, and the community using these trendy sites.  No experience necessary!


My Copy Machine was Repossessed! Assessing Students in the 21st Century

Assessing students is one activity that every teacher tackles. So what impact does it really have on a teacher’s success? In the last 100 years have seen a dramatic increase in the delivery of all kinds of classroom assessments. This often translates into more work for teachers. More work = Less fun. This is not a good equation.

And yet, a simple approach to improving a district’s assessment methodology can mean a dramatic improvement in student achievement. But we resist this change!

In this session, we will share with you some insight into what the most successful teachers do in order to make their kids more successful, and lighten their own workload. Plus have a little more time for fun….


Global Explorers-Where Students are Making the Global Connection

This session will highlight characteristics, pedagogy, and examples of a global classroom. Examples and highlights of opportunities to collaborate around the world will be shared. The basis of this presentation is from my Master's thesis on Global Collaboration.


Bringing the World to Your Classroom

Come experience a videoconference with the Columbus Zoo (OH) and the Mariner's Museum (VA). See all the neat learning experiences you can bring to your classroom through videoconferencing. A drawing will be held for a free videoconference program and you'll learn about the Berrien RESA mini-grant program too.


Get in the Game: Assembling your EdTech All-Star Team

Very few career fields other than education offer the tools or opportunities to interact with the best of the best nearly instantly. Discover how easy it is to build a personal learning network and that some of the world's greatest minds are eagerly waiting to share their knowledge and even learn from YOU!


Have a whiteboard...Now what?

Hooray! You have an interactive whiteboard (or want one).  When you get past the fun of dragging images around, writing in a dozen colors, and showing videos, what's next?  This session highlights online resources that work great with whiteboards.  Get your kids out of their seats and at the board with games, activities, and simulations.


Collaborative Projects Provide Authentic Audiences

Connect your students to students across the United States, in Canada, the United Kingdom, and around the world! Imagine the possibilities of cultural and curriculum exchanges with students in different places. Learn how to plan and participate in a collaboration via videoconference.


netTrekker - flatten your classroom fast

netTrekker provides resources and functionality that contributes to the flattening of your classroom!  Resources that help teachers work together, solve problems, behave in effective, meaningful ways online AND promote excellence in education through differentiation and sound pedagogy.


Excel is not just for accounting anymore!

Come learn some new ways to use MS Excel by learning to use data validation, special formulas, format painter, etc. to create multiple choice quizzes, self-checking papers, and crossword puzzles. 


Pump Up The Volume: 10 Ways to Engage Your Auditory Learners

Visual, kinesthetic and auditory learners. I'm sure you have a few in your class. We'll focus on those iPod bud sporting, just gotta see Hannah Montana/Leona Lewis/Flobots, students. They might even do better if they listen to music during certain class projects. In this workshop we'll explore examples, from listening to creating audio infused lessons. You'll learn about the different hardware and software available for little budget or no budget at all.


50 Ways to Integrate Media into Your Classroom

Finding and playing video segments are just one of many ways you can use the media library in Discovery Education streaming. Did you know you have an Interactive Atlas, dynamic Calendar, thousand of quiz question and tens of thousands of images, speeches, and sound effects? Come and learn how to integrate these tools in new and exciting ways that are perfect for reaching the 21st century student. Teacher and student examples will be examined.


Roundtrip Tickets Anywhere: Google Earth in Education

Tools to use tomorrow! Make the real terrain of the earth an interactive tool. Curriculum examples wait for you on the web. Unlock near-magical layers with the click of a mouse. Find content and media created in their own geography! From the Internet or your own hard drive, use media resources to create fantastic trips through neighborhoods, history, science or literature. Insert student images into the landscape. Insert Discovery Education streaming media. Download placemarks and projects from other schools or agencies. Use the Ruler Tool to measure and compare. Create shareable projects. Use layers to track trends, patterns, in unsuspected ways. Cost of Google Earth: Free!


Discover How to Integrate Discovery Streaming into Core Subjects

There are many ways to integrate Discovery Education into the core subject areas.  Learn how to grab the attention of students and excite them in the learning process by including technology. 


Cache the Discovery ~Geocaching in the Classroom

Geocaching is the craze. Learn how to bring this high-tech treasure hunt into your classroom and how it easily integrates into your curriculum.


What's New In Michigan LearnPort

Attend this session to learn more about the online professional development portal, Michigan LearnPort.  Find out how to register and explore the many free courses, tools and resources that can help teachers meet district requirements or improve their classroom practice without interrupting instruction time.  Collaboration tools, records management and the award-winning education search engine, netTrekker d.i., will also be demonstrated. Questions and active participation are welcome!


Get Your Glog On

Glogster is a web 2.0 site who’s tag line is “poster yourself”.  A glog is basically an online poster web page.  Students can combine text, pictures, graphics, video, and audio to create an interactive online poster.  The final glog can be hosted by Glogster or you can embed it into a wiki, blog, or class web site. 

Instead of creating a poster for a presentation, students can create an interactive glog to display information.  Glogster can be used for history, math, language arts, book reports, science, social studies, and for public service announcements.


Stretching the Possibilities of the Classroom: Blended Learning

Teachers will be guided in how to set up Moodle accounts for their classrooms.  This will be a hands-on session where teachers can actually set-up an account for their classroom and begin to try out the features.  This is a great tool for "techie beginners" who are unsure of the latest technology but would like to expand their classrooms.


Using Protopage in Your Classroom

Protopage is an easy to use personalized start page.  Use Protopage in your classroom for variety of activities. Participants will learn how to create, navigate and design a protopage that can be accessed from anywhere.


Thinkfinity: Meeting Your Resource Needs

This session will introduce Thinkfinity, an online collection of discipline-specific, standards-based educational resources. The session will cover site navigation and finding resources that meet your specific needs.


Getting Started with Google Lit Trips

Google Earth is not just a Social Studies tool. Learn how to harness the power of Google Earth and deepen understanding in your Language Arts instruction as well. A Google Lit Trip is a virtual 3D tour of a book's setting in Google Earth. You'll be amazed at the tools inside Google Earth that will help you assemble one of these adventures.


Top Ten Websites (plus a few more!:))

Teachers will spend this session exploring great educational websites for both teacher and student use.  Links will be provided.


Online Scavenger Hunts with Google Docs

Learn how to make an Internet Scavenger Hunt for your students to guide them through research, to introduce a new topic, to peak student interest, or just to make research more fun! Teachers will need to bring a topic they would like to create a scanvenger hunt on. Anything will work and teachers will leave this session with a finished scavenger hunt to use in their classrooms!


The ActivClassroom: Promethean's Interactive Solution

Promethean's interactive white board is the foundation for the ActivClassroom.  Learn how the powerful technology and user-friendly software can help you truly integrate technology into your teaching.  Find new ways to use existing strategies and familiar teaching methods to differentiate your instruction and weld together instruction and technology.  This general overview of the Promethean solution will spark your imagination with future possibilities.  This session is designed for those who do not yet have an interactive whiteboard.  It is also for those who have a different brand of interactive white board and are interested in learning about the advantages to the Promethean software which Bob Marzano's research has demonstrated to be extremely effective.


ActivExpressions: A Key Assessment Tool

Bob Marzano's research shows that a key element in the success of the Promethean ActivClassroom is the ActivExpressions.  The ActivExpressions are student response systems which are fully integrated with the award winning ActivSoftware, providing for instant access for formative assessment.  Learn how the ActivExpressions can be used for both formative and summative assessment.  Also learn about the exciting new partnerships Promethean has formed for full integration with third-party programs.  The ActivExpressions can work with any interactive whiteboard or without an interactive whiteboard at all; therefore, everyone is welcome to attend. 


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