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Bringing the World to Your Classroom

Page history last edited by Janine Lim 9 years, 10 months ago

Description: Break down the walls of your classroom and bring global engaging learning experiences to your students. Learn about powerful collaborative projects and quality programs from zoos and museums available to meet your curriculum standards. Learn how to use the videoconferencing cart in your school to connect students to the world.



10:15 Introduction & Benefits & Continuums

10:30 Andy Campbell at LEARNnco

Evaluating Providers Handout

10:45 CAPspace login & sample collaboration video clips (CAPspace Scavenger Hunt)

11:15 Scheduling procedures, picking your program(s), mini-grants, preview calendar (Search Flyer)


Berrien RESA Videoconferencing

  • Note ASK programs, content providers, and collaborations on the left.
  • Note registration forms on the right. 
  • Note the Preview Calendar of free programs by grade level and month.


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