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Have a whiteboard - Now what

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Wondering how to use an interactive whiteboard in the classroom? Consider these ideas.



Presentations and Projects. Students can present multimedia projects with the whiteboard, controlling the entire presentation without touching a computer keyboard.

Web Streaming and Video. Teachers can show streamed or downloaded video clips using programs like Windows Media Player and QuickTime. Clips embedded into multimedia presentation programs can easily be shown as well. The interactive features of the whiteboard allow users to pause, circle, annotate, highlight, and more. Of course, a DVD or VHS player can be connected to the projector, too.

Printing and Saving Notes. Interactive whiteboards let users print or save anything they've written. Teachers can put notes in a file on a shared server for students to download or post notes on a Web page or blog. Notes can also be printed out and distributed, allowing students to participate in the presentation instead of simply copying from the board.


















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