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Podcasting in the Classroom

Page history last edited by Brian Brown 12 years, 2 months ago

Podcasting in the Classroom

Brian Brown:  bcbrown5@gmail.com



Taken from http://userwww.sfsu.edu/~nshelley/, fits what we are doing very well:



Podcasting is a new method of communication allowing anyone to create audio files and post them to the Internet for others to download and listen to at any time. These audio files can be downloaded to a personal computer or handheld device such as an iPod.

Podcasting has rapidly become a new medium for both commercial and home-grown talk shows on multiple subjects. The relative ease of production and low costs associated with the making of a Podcast has opened this new medium to the masses.

This lesson gives teachers an overview on starting a student-produced Podcast at their school and in the classroom. The Podcast to be created can take on multiple themes. Some teachers are using Podcasting an an alternative to student produced newspapers and television shows. Others are using the medium to reproduce lessons for absent students or for students to present oral presentations of reports and assignments. There are multiple possibilities for using the Podcasting medium. This lesson focuses on producing a student-created Podcast as medium for student expression, news, interviews, and related themes specific to the student's own school.


If you plan to bring your own computer to this event; we will be using the software Audacity as well as Lame Lib to help convert files.  We will be addressing any issues prior to jumping into podcasting.


Check out this Microsoft Word file for class information:  Podcasting



If you have any questions you'd like addressed during the session, feel free to email me now so I can be better prepared.  Thanks



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