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Here is a partial list of some of the sessions being offered at TechCamp 2008.  Also check out the Schedule At-a-Glance.  Come back for more complete information!


Tuesday Lunch Keynote

How to reach the 21st Century Mind - Using Discovery Education streaming in the Classroom to Impact Instruction

Matt Monjan, Discovery Education

More and more, our students are influenced, stimulated, and informed by a myriad of multimedia formats.  As educators, how do we engage those student's who, in the matter of minutes, can watch a video, text a friend, and have a conversation with another - all at the same time?  See examples of how today's technologies -- from calculators to the web, from music files to Discovery Education streaming and video-on-demand -- can (and should) engage and teach a new generation of students.


Wednesday Lunch Keynote

From Toys to Tools                                                                                

Liz Kolb, Madonna University

Learn how cell phones can be used as a K-12 learning tool. Discuss ways to overcome potential problems and learn about alternatives such as completing projects using a landline phone or with a cell phone outside of school. Can cell phones be used productively instead of banned? Leave with the answers along with specific integration ideas.


Weaving VoiceThreads

A VoiceThread is an innovative online application that centers on collaborative conversations around images, documents, videos or any combination of the three. It is dynamic in its ability to work with various digital mediums such as photos, word documents and video clips.  It is unique in its ability to offer web-based collaboration on a single project involving a partnership, a small group, a class, an entire district, or students and teachers from around the world.  Students and teachers can create VoiceThreads for just about any purpose, but some of the following uses will be discussed: digital storytelling, research projects for any subject, Mathcasts, digital pictures, and presentations.  Leave this session with a free account and the knowledge to implement VoiceThread in the fall.


Google Galore

Have you ever wondered how Google could be used in your classroom? We will explore several free Google applications (Google Docs, Google Maps, and Picasa, to name a few) that you can start using today!


Google Earth for the Tech Savvy Educator

You've found your house in Google Earth, and now that the novelty has worn off, you're wondering how to use it in your classroom. Explore the many layers, rich media content, and resources that are hiding just below the surface of Google Earth. This session will explore ways to use Google Earth across the curriculum, including language arts, science, social studies, math, and more! All level of educators are welcome to come explore how powerful Google Earth can be.


Using netTrekker to Facilitate Differentiation of Online Resources 

By accessing netTrekker (one of the great resources within LearnPort) you can make sure that all students will be successful using online resources in the classroom.  Using these educator reviewed and educationally relevant resources can help you keep your students safe and on-track when going online. netTrekker can also help you to faciliate differentiated instruction for your students in four basic ways:

1) Differentiated Content by Grade Level/Subject Areas

2) Differentiated student learning through Activities/Processes to meet learning objectives

3) Differentiated user interface tools to accommodate the different learning styles/needs of the students

4) Differentiated approaches for assessment using netTrekker selected resources to help students create a variety of projects to show mastery of a topic - differentiating the product to accommodate for different student knowledge levels.  

We will also be covering some basic ways that educators can benefit from all the teacher planning and collaboration tools within netTrekker using the new tools within the Portfolio feature.


Podcasting in the Classroom

Learn about podcasting and ways to use it in the classroom. Teachers and students can easily produce their own audio programs and share them with international audiences via podcasting.  Learn how to create your own podcast as well as how to find and subscribe to the podcasts of other educators.


Excel ... In the elementary classroom? 

This session will explore how MS Excel can be used in the elementary classroom in ways that don't involve graphing and computations.


Digital Movie Making in the Web 2.0 World

We’ll explore Web 2.0 applications like Ustream, YouTube, TeacherTube, animoto, VoiceThread and more and find out how they can be used to create movies as well as deliver information in a way that our digital natives are accustomed.  Come see and learn media creation in a whole new way.


Michigan LearnPort

The Michigan LearnPort® online professional development portal currently offers over 150 relevant courses, most available for SB-CEUs. The searchable course catalog gives users easy access to convenient learning.  In addition to high-quality courses, most of which are free, Michigan LearnPort also provides collaboration spaces, called Community Rooms, to enable district wide participation in discussions and sharing of best practices.  Media-rich tutorials are available in the My Account area of Michigan LearnPort.  In the Resources area users will find links to valuable tools, including netTrekker d.i. and PD360 videos, as well as podcasts on topics of interest.  Attend this session to learn why it is worth your while to visit Michigan LearnPort.


Digital Storytelling

Engage your students in written expression through multimedia. Students write their own personal story and create a video with pictures and music and add their own voice telling the story. Students love this project!


Using the Computer Lab With Young Students

Whether you have one computer in your classroom or a lab of 30 of those scary machines just waiting for you and your students, the possibilities are endless and the students’ enthusiasm will be so worth it, to you and them alike. Check out what you can accomplish with that lab full of computers!


PowerPoint as a Multimedia Platform

We all know that the computer, projector and PowerPoint software have replaced the old slide projector, hundreds of tiny static photos, and the phrase “next slide please.”   But did you know that PowerPoint can also be combined with a myriad of videos, sounds, effects and interactive boards to create an engaging multimedia presentation?  During this session will explore the necessary (and not-so-scary) steps for building an engaging multimedia presentation.


Internet for K–2

Great Internet learning sites to use with early elementary students! Teachers will explore these sites and learn how to use them effectively with young students.


PowerPoint Games

Using PowerPoint templates to create quick and easy review games… great for ALL subject areas! Teachers will be able to create a game at this class, so be sure to bring the necessary information to do this (ie: textbook, vocab words, story questions, actual test to review, etc...).


Discovery Education streaming 101

Ever gotten a 60-minute video from REMC and all you want to show is a 5-minute clip? Does your school have a subscription to United Streaming but you have no clue how to use it? Come learn how to download digital video clips to enhance your classroom instruction. All grades and content areas.


Wonderful Whiteboards

Find out how an interactive whiteboard can engage students in learning with hands-on activities and immediate feedback.


Photo Story

Want to wow your friends with your summer vacation photos? Tired of doing the same old book reports? Ready to jump into digital story-telling but need an easy format? Then join us as we explore Microsoft Photo Story 3. This is a free download for all Microsoft users and is an easy way to turn photos into dynamic multimedia presentations.


Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers

Do you like the word FREE?? This session will show you sites on the web that will enhance student learning and not cost you a dime. Perfect for all grade levels and content areas.


Read, Please

From software that reads text to learners to websites that have interactive stories and reading practice, get hands on time with simple tools to help emergent and struggling readers. Websites to improve fluency, vowel sounds, and make voice recordings will be explored. Early elementary teachers will benefit from this session.


KidPix for K–2

A variety of educational ways to use Kid Pix (in all subject areas), including how to make a slide show with students on various topics. Teachers will make a sample project to use with students and leave with a packet of lesson plans.


Read, Write, Think

We will explore these online interactive tools and the many ways to use them in your room. For all subject areas!


From Toys to Tools

Learn how cell phones can be used as a learning tool K-12 in this “phones on” workshop. Create online accounts with web applications then use your cell phones as you explore model lessons. Discuss ways to overcome potential problems and learn about alternatives such as completing projects using a landline phone or with a cell phone outside of school. Can cell phones be used productively instead of banned?


Does Technology Really Help?  The Big Difference is Making a Better Classroom

Research shows that providing your students with meaningful feedback and a consistent approach with assessments are key components in most high performing school. These factors combine to improve student achievement. But what have we really done to improve classroom learning 40 years after Robert Marzano’s landmark research?  In this session, you will learn about how some schools are using a different kind of approach to improve their classrooms. Yet despite these significant improvements and classroom gains, both curriculum & technology may overlook what is really happening.  You will hear which technologies help the process….and how to make a difference in your district.

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