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Top 10 Web Sites (Plus a few more!)

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(plus a few extras!)            

Michigan Learnport

  • Teacher SB-CEUs - earn your SB-CEUs online for free!  Click on Courses, then Catalog.
  • NetTrekker - educational search engine containing appropriate sites and readability scores - Click on Links.


Animoto - The end of slideshows... make a video on any topic!

Make Beliefs Comix - Have your students create a comic strip.  Check out other resources on this page!

Spelling City - Use student spelling words to practice and play games.

Academic Skill Builders - Educational games for math practice.

EdHeads - Very cool interactive videos for science teachers!

Teacher Tacklebox - Search for projects and resources... very organized and contains great web resources.

4 2 Explore - Another search tool for teachers... Pathfinders for all ages.

The Washington Post for Kids - Great current event toolfor kids, written at younger reading level.

Global Schoolhouse Network - Are you looking for collaborative projects to do with other classrooms?  Read about what is offered here and sign up!


** Some oldies but Goodies!**


*Rubistar for Teachers - Great resource for making rubrics in any content area!

*Read Write Think - Search for lessons and/or click on Student Materials for interactive tools to build language arts skills.


*Math Virtual Manipulatives - Online math manipulatives organized by skill and grade level K-12.

*Starfall - For Pre-K-2 students who are learning to read.


*Sesame Street - Educationl games catagorized by subject... for Pre-K-2!

*Scholastic - Great resources under tabs... Teacher Resources, Student Activities, and Books & Authors.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need help with anything!!  Thank you for attending... I hope I showed you a few websites that you will be able to use this year!!  bmcroak@ppps.org

Brandy Croak

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