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Wonderful Whiteboards

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Thank you to everyone who attended this session.  Since many of you have purchased the Promethean Activboards, here are the links to the sites you need to register for more resources:


Promethean Planet: www.prometheanplanet.com/us

SIgn-up to download flipcharts applied to the state standards, talk with over 180,000 other users, get ideas, explore!


Promethean Learning:  www.prometheanlearning.com/us

Sign-up to take the free Foundation courses.  Many schools are getting CEU credits or Graduate credits for taking these courses.  Take both the Activstudio and Activprimary Foundation Courses!


Promethean Driver Upgrades:  www.prometheanworld.com/us/server/show/nav.2290


Promethean World:  www.prometheanworld.com/us

This site will always link you to the PrometheanPlanet & PrometheanLearning! 

Macprofessionals www.macprofessionals.com/education.php

(Promethean Master Distributor)



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Macprofessionals worked with leading edge educators in Bloomfield Public Schools to equip over 350 classrooms with interactive whiteboard technology from Promethean. Teachers use the computer-integrated whiteboards with Macs and PCs. In a Promethean ACTIVclassroom, the new whiteboard replaces traditional chalkboards, teachers use ACTIVwands, ACTIVpens, and students participate with ACTIVotes to take tests, answer questions, and more. Bloomfield Teachers can instantly gauge comprehension of the hundreds of lesson plans and teaching tools available for free from the Promethean website.

Macprofessionals is a Master Distributor and Certified Installer, and Trainer of Promethean products in MI and WI.

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Diane Pricopio said

at 9:19 am on Jul 16, 2008

Macprofessionals is committed to delivering innovative technological solutions. Todays schools are faced with the responsibility of acquiring the latest classroom technology, all while keeping within the limits of a school budget. We at Macprofessionals understand how the education system works and are dedicated to providing your school with a competitive custom-fit solution.

Macprofessionals can deliver high-valued results with affordable options. We can provide technology solutions that are reliable, secure, and above all, deliver the priceless benefits that technology brings to the classroom.

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