Digital Media to Inspire You and Your Students

Perhaps no other technology can capture students' imaginations and reveal their talents like digital media.  Freely available tools now allow teachers to experiment with web-based image and video resources, and free software can allow audio and video projects that demonstrate learning while helping students develop 21st century communication skills.



Hi, everyone!  The main page we'll use in our digital media session is my ever-evolving site with free resources and short descriptions.  Scroll down to the areas for audio, images, and video for the tools and resources we'll use.


Of particular importance is the two-page guide on grabbing and citing copyright-friendly media.  Find it here:


If at any point what I'm presenting is something that you already know or does not interest you, feel free to take a look at the student- and teacher-created videos for academics, careers, communities, and service you find here:


Finally, if you need a few sample images for the work we do creating videos from stills, feel free to use those in this folder (right-click and download each image, noting that the link for "Parent Directory" is not an image):


See you soon,