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iPads in the Elementary Classroom

Page history last edited by Carly Vadney 8 years, 2 months ago


Apps, Apps, Apps!


*Download FREE Apps/Lite Versions first so you can see if you want to purchase the Full Version

*Review "ratings" & "comments" before purchasing Apps

*Always play Apps first before introducing it to your students

*Look for Apps with multiple levels or the option to customize the activity to meet the varying needs of your students

*Know the difference between iPad Apps and iPhone Apps 



You have your Apps.....now what?? 

  • Create folders by subject to organize Apps and make them easily accessible to students
  •  Use simple names or numbers as Folder names
  • "Level" folders to differentiate activities for various ability levels



Put those Apps to use! 

  • Introduce your students to the iPads as an "educational tool" rather than a "toy"
  • It is a "privilege" not a "right" to use an iPad in the classroom
  • Set classroom rules for iPad use:  Create a poster listing the rules for easy reference
    • Examples:  Use two hands to hold it, always stay seated, wash hands before use, no sharp objects, etc.
    • Consider having students sign a "technology contract"
  • Start with the Basics:
    • Model how to turn on the iPad and how to navigate from page to page
    • Show them how to find and view folders
    • Introduce 1-2 apps at a time and give students time to explore the Apps
    • Teach students how to "put away" the iPads
      • "Sleep Mode" vs. "Shut Down"
      • Wipe down the screens
      • Put away earphones
    • Show students how to check the battery life and create a procedure for when to charge



Managing your students, your classroom AND your iPads

  • Create a schedule for iPad use in the classroom (especially helpful if sharing iPads with other classrooms)
  • Train students to use certain apps at certain times (math apps during math time, reading apps during reading time, etc.)
  • If assigning students specific apps to use, find a way to display the icon visually (Smartboard, pictures on a velcro board) 
  • Consider assigning a "Technology Helper" as a class job.  Duties could include: check for battery life, clean screens, responsible for set up and clean up of iPads, etc.
  • iPads can also be used to help with behavior modification:
    • Incentive for positive behavior
    • Goal for finishing work
    • Calming activity when students need a "brain break"
  • Make sure to set "Security Restrictions"
    • Settings, General, Restrictions
    • Use this to disable use of specific iPad functions (installing & deleting apps, YouTube, Camera, etc.)


Make the most of your iPad!

  • Ideas for iPad use in the classroom
    • Small group activities, centers or Daily Five - Word Work
    • Listening to Reading - use iTunes to upload audio books OR download book Apps
    • Spelling practice - Apps: My Spelling, Doodle Kids, Glow Draw
    • Create Quizzes for accommodations or for small group comprehension checks - Apps: Quiz Creator
    • Intervention activities
  • Sub Plans!!  
    • Use the iPad to record yourself giving instructions for activities rather than typing them all out for your sub!
    • Record yourself giving step by step directions for a new activity 
    • Students see their teacher giving the instructions rather than a sub, which makes them a little more likely to follow them 
  • YouTube
    • Set "favorites" so you can directly link to video clips rather than searching
    • Show songs during transition times to help students refocus
  • VoiceThread
    • Turn class books or individual stories into electronic versions that can be shared with parents and friends!
    • Record students reading each page of their story
    • Parents can view the book and leave comments for their child
    • iPad version allows you to video record the student reading
  • Create a Websites folder
    • Bookmark websites by selecting "Add to Homescreen"
    • Create a folder of websites for quick and easy access
  • Educreations
    • Teacher can record lessons and show visuals
    • Students can also use the App to show their work
  • Rover
    • Allows you to access websites that require "Flash Player"


Our Favorites!!


  •    Paid Apps
    •  Counting Money for Kids
    • Telling Time - Photo Touch Game
    • Rocket Math (full version)
    • Pop Math (full version) 
    • Base Ten Blocks
    • My Story 
  • Free Apps
    • Splash Math
    • Geoboard
    • Rocket Math (lite version)
    • Pop Math (lite version)
    • Hungry Fish
    • Baseball Math
    • The Counting Game
    • Popplet (lite version)
    • Sentence Maker
    • Grammar Dragon
    • PuppetPals HD
    • Sock Puppets
    • Story Maker HD
    • Word Magic (lite version)
    • Word Ball
    • PopWords!
    • Magnetic Letters H (lite version)
    • Word Avalanche
    • Bluster
    • MathKingdom
    • Baseball Math
    • Butterfly Math (free)
    • Doodle Kids HD
    • Glow Draw
    • Pizza Fractions






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